systemctl stop containerd rm -rf /etc/containerd/c… 继续阅读 Jun 30 11:25:25 node01 kubelet[16014]: E0630 11:25:25.141301 16014 kubelet.go:2424] “Error getting node” err=”node \”node01\” not found”

error: [root@node02 ~]# kubeadm join… 继续阅读 Found multiple CRI endpoints on the host. Please define which one do you wish to use by setting the ‘criSocket’ field in the kubeadm configuration file

[preflight] Running pre-flight checks [WARNING Fil… 继续阅读 msg=”getting status of runtime: rpc error: code = Unimplemented desc = unknown service runtime.v1alpha2.RuntimeService”

报错信息: [root@master ~]# kubeadm init –config=/root… 继续阅读 Couldn’t create the interface used for talking to the container runtime: crictl is required for container runtime: exec: “crictl”: executable file not found in $PATH