1-03-18 22:11:44.294 WARN com.zaxxer.hikari.pool.P… 继续阅读 1-03-18 22:11:44.294 WARN com.zaxxer.hikari.pool.PoolBase [15g035lzzs80e] – HikariPool-1 – Failed to validate connection com.mysql.cj.jdbc.ConnectionImpl@36c4c9bb (No operations allowed after connection closed.). Possibly consider using a shorter maxLifetime value.

警告 Establishing SSL connection without server’s id… 继续阅读 Establishing SSL connection without server’s identity verification is not recommended. According to MySQL 5.5.45+, 5.6.26+ and 5.7.6+ requirements SSL connection must be established by default if explicit option isn’t set. For compliance with existing applications not using SSL the verifyServerCertificate property is set to ‘false’. You need either to explicitly disable SSL by setting useSSL=false, or set useSSL=true and provide truststore for server certificate verification.

Loading class `com.mysql.jdbc.Driver’. This is dep… 继续阅读 Loading class `com.mysql.jdbc.Driver’. This is deprecated. The new driver class is `com.mysql.cj.jdbc.Driver’. The driver is automatically registered via the SPI and manual loading of the driver class is generally unnecessary.