The following may help in interpreting process level memory values displayed as scalable columns and dis‐
cussed under topic `3a. DESCRIPTIONS of Fields'.

%MEM - simply RES divided by total physical memory
CODE - the `pgms' portion of quadrant 3
DATA - the entire quadrant 1 portion of VIRT plus all
explicit mmap file-backed pages of quadrant 3
RES - anything occupying physical memory which, beginning with
Linux-4.5, is the sum of the following three fields:
RSan - quadrant 1 pages, which include any
former quadrant 3 pages if modified
RSfd - quadrant 3 and quadrant 4 pages
RSsh - quadrant 2 pages
RSlk - subset of RES which cannot be swapped out (any quadrant)
SHR - subset of RES (excludes 1, includes all 2 & 4, some 3)
SWAP - potentially any quadrant except 4
USED - simply the sum of RES and SWAP
VIRT - everything in-use and/or reserved (all quadrants)


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